19 February 2008

The cruellest thing that I've ever known...Time and circumstance taking their toll...As the storm beat and roll...

The cruellest thing that someone can do is not to call you names. It’s not to laugh at you. It’s not to hit you and make you bleed. It’s not to hate you and it’s not even to pity you. The cruellest thing that someone can do is give you hope.

Hope is the rarest and most precious of emotions, even more so than love. Love can be bought, love can be sold. Love can be made and love can be faked.

But hope can’t be manufactured and it can’t exist in a void. You can’t give yourself hope, someone else has to give it to you. But then you’ve fallen in to the trap because you live the rest of your life in fear that they’ll take it away.

Because, like any other curse, only the person that gave it to you can take it away...

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