6 August 2007

I predict a riot...I predict a riot...

Well what a week it's been. I think I mentioned to you last time that I'd started work and met my boss. Well, I've been given a project to work on and I'll be travelling to Ireland for the next few months. I'll be living in Dublin, which is the capital city of Ireland, and everyone tells me it's a great place. I'll most likely be in a hotel the whole time, which is a bit of a drag but there you go. Had some major hassles with HR when they didn't pay me and kept fobbing me off to Payroll who kept fobbing me off to HR. Angry Man was in his element as he called down the powers of senior executives from across both areas to sort it out and finally admit they'd made a mistake. What a way to start my new career...

On Saturday I walked around the shopping district of London. I mean, there are shops everywhere, but Oxford Street is supposed to be pretty cool and hip...my kind of place, you're thinking, and you're dead right. I managed to find this awesome comic shop called Forbidden Planet and it's a HUGE, with like 3 floors of plastic models and toys and books and dvds and comics and all sorts of nerdy crap, which I love.

I also found the Natural History Museum which I'm gonna go back to next week. They've got a full-sized T-rex skeleton in the front lobby just like in "Night at the Museum". I don't think this one comes alive but I'm gonna poke it with a stick just to make sure. How funny would it be if the whole thing came crashing down on my head?

It's really hot over here...well, not today, today sucks...but on the weekend it was lovely and heaps of people were out in the parks relaxing and taking their shirts off. Most of them probably should have kept their shirts on, it wasn't very pretty and once a little bit of vomit came up into my mouth when I saw this big sweaty fat guy eating an ice cream. How are ya, Joey?

I made a couple of friends at work and we went out for a drink after work on Friday. One's an indian girl from Kent (south-east coast) and the other is a guy from Wales. They're a lot of fun and it was nice to just chill out and relax and talk crap with people like me instead of having to pretend to be professional all the time.

London is such a city of contrasts. The other day I was walking along on my lunch break and I walked around a corner and nearly collided with a horse's butt. There were two mounted Police officers patrolling the streets on their horses and they'd stopped for a rest right in front of where I was walking. I was going to ask them whether they have to pick up their horses' poop and put it in a plastic bag but they didn't look like they would see the funny side of it.

On Sunday I went to a museum where they had a Star Wars exhibition and it was so cool! They had all these costumes and props and models and full-size ships and everything. I've got photos of all the cool stuff, like Darth Maul's costume and lightsaber, Boba and Jango Fett, Darth Vader's costume, and Anakin's pod racer. That thing was HUGE! They mostly had stuff from Phantom Menace, which was lame, but it looked awesome. Because most of them were behind glass I couldn't use a flash so some of the exposures are a big dodgy but if anyone's interested I can send them through.

I've also done the tourist thing and taken heaps of photos of London, but there's a lot so if anyone wants to see them drop me a line. It's a bit hard to explain what they all are so just go "Ooooh!" and "Ahhhhh!" a lot and pretend you know what they are. Keep your eyes peeled for the giant ferris wheel. That's the London Eye and it's supposed to be awesome. Takes an hour to go all the way round. It's right out the front of the place where I saw the Star Wars thingy, and there's also an aquarium and a Dali museum, cos you can never have enough Dali.

Also, I finally have a mobile phone so someone can call me with the good news when Little Johnny finally gets the boot.

Peace, y'all! Next time you hear from me I'll no doubt have an Irish accent, b'gorah!

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