5 November 2007

If you ever have to go to Shoeburyness...Take the A road, the OK road that's the best...Go motorin' on the A13...

Quiet weekend at home this week, nothing much to report...which is just what I (and my liver) needed after the last few weeks away. Slept in Saturday and set off around lunchtime to try and find the local branch of the gym I've been going to. Eventually I tracked it down after an hour and a half of walking through neighbourhoods which alternated between quaint and terrifying. That's the contradiction that is London: like Prague sans the whimsy (thank you, Brian Griffin). I managed to cut it down to an hour with shortcuts the following day but it's still a hell of a hike to be making regularly. Luckily I also discovered the number 47 bus which goes from right outside my house to just down the road from the gym. Plus, it also goes the other way to right outside my work. Serendipity, make me your bitch! Another good thing is that bus fares are only 90p when you use your Oyster card as opposed to £2 on the Tube. Although it takes longer on the bus at least you get to see where you're going and it's not quite as smelly.

Our new flatmate, Vicky, moved in on Saturday and she's awesome! She's very posh so she gets called 'Lady Victoria' or 'KG' cos she's moved into the Korean Girl's room. She likes Family Guy (YESSS!) so that makes two of us. Last night to celebrate her arrival we made a collective roast dinner, which was really cool...both the meal and the communal cooking aspect. Of course I got to impart all my worldly wisdom and cooking tips, which made me feel like everyone's grandad...but a hot sexy cool grandad that everyone wants to get with, for sure. Looks like we might be slowly achieving an equilibrium in terms of living together, which is good in some ways but bad in others...but balance is balance. Vicky and I have to share the bathroom and, like a typical girl, she's got more make-up and hair products than I've got red blood cells, but I've staked out my little patch near the basin and I'm not moving. It's just lucky we get on well otherwise the bathroom might well become the Sudatenland.

Got some super shows coming up. I'm still trying to get tickets to Macbeth, but Bill Bailey is on at the end of the month, and I managed to get Queens of the Stoneage tickets for February. Then of course there's the Waken 2008 Metal Festival in August in Germany which Paul and Azza are coming to...or better be if they want to retain any shred of proof of their heterosexuality.

Gosh, but english people sure are uptight! It's like they're surrounded by this barrier of snobby iciness (or icy snobbiness) which you have to break through just to get them to acknowledge your existence, and then you have to prove yourself worthy of them to justify the investment of their attention.

How many Australians are there in London? Shitloads, is the answer to that question. They're everywhere....almost plague proportions...like squirrles but no where near as cute. You know things are bad when Australians are whingeing about how many of us there are. Thank Jeebus most of them congregate at the Down Under Bar or the Walkabout Bar and stay the feck out of my way.

I'm heading back to Dublin in a couple of weeks just for the weekend. They had £30 return flights which is just unbelievable. It would cost more than that to get a cab to the airport. It'll be a whirlwind visit catching up with the folks I met when I was there and possibly a chance to see a few of the sights I missed out on. At prices like that I'll be flying all over Europe every weekend!

I'm in desperate need of some sun. I've never been particularly bronzed, as you well know, but I've become decidedly pasty over the past few months...can almost pass for a true englishman. Now all I need is to develop an air of undeserved superiority, whinge more, and be really bad at all forms of international sport. Hah! Take THAT, Limeys!

I saw an awesome movie on the plane to Chicago called Eagle vs Shark. It's a quirky low-budget NZ film about two oddballs finding love. Jared from Flight of the Conchords is in it and it's cute and funny and daggy in that quintessentially kiwi way. I also saw Saw 4 (which sucked), Fantastic 4 2 (also sucked), and Die Hard 4 (ditto on the suck but had a song by Made Out Of Babies on the soundtrack...awesome! Sonja, check them out, you'll like them). Bit of a pattern there with the number 4...whatever could it mean?

Right, well so much for a brief update. Till next time, y'all...

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